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Learn About Our Mission

We partner with joyful givers like you who believe in the power of education to transform lives, families and communities.

An excellent way for you to support future leaders attending Moraine Park is to establish a planned gift for the Foundation. Impact areas include:

Scholarships – By supporting scholarships, you help students with great potential and/or limited means achieve their dreams without the burden of large student loans. Graduates of Moraine Park will be prepared to better provide for themselves and their families as well as feel a deeper connection to their communities through their contributions. They also role model to the next generation the importance of an education and of lifeline learning.

Student Emergency Fund – Through an investment in the Student Emergency Fund, you provide a helping hand that allows promising students to remain enrolled and focus on the educational opportunities ahead of them instead of the challenges that threaten to hold them back. Because grants to cover unforeseen financial emergencies do not have to be paid back, you encourage students to stay the course to graduation.

Academic Program Support – Nothing is more essential to Moraine Park Technical College than the quality of our academics. Through your investment in academic programs, you enrich students' learning experiences, provide faculty with the resources they need to provide excellent instruction, and enhance the reputation of Moraine Park as a critical partner in fulfilling the talent needs of our region.